Adventure park

outdoor activities and  experiential education.

The park is located outside the village Kastelakia, above the town of Rethymno. The main parking lot is spacious enough to accommodate up to 25 cars or 4 buses without affecting access. These sites are some shaded enabling use on hot days or longer-term activities.

In more detail:

Playground 100sqm dimensions , fenced with net perimeter.
low degree of difficulty climbing wall for all children of all ages.
Track cycling circular earthen path delimited with colored ribbons, red and blue outdoor to indoor. The path length is about 100 meters, and the maximum capacity of the path is 5 cycles simultaneously.
Trampolines room 40sqm covered with shade net, with 4 trampolines tops poiotitas and security, large (4m diameter and net around every trampoline).
Mini Volleyball dimensions 7×7 meters maximum capacity of 12 children.
Towers balance three consecutive trips with small difficulty challenges for all children. The movement coordination, balance, strategy, the body control skills are needed and practice the routes of the towers.
Maxi triple trampoline trampoline with safety gaskets to enable our little friends but try to figure fearlessly want. The maxi TRAMPOLINE is an educational sports facility with many positive psychosomatic effects, but above all it is a very pleasant activity.